Trakify provides powerful investment
reporting and alerts.

Alerts are sent to, Email, SMS, and Twitter Direct Message
Reports are delivered to your email daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly


Trakify is broker independent. It provides reporting for all types of publicly traded investments.

QuickGlance gives you access to your entire portfolio.

Trakify is modern and mobile ready

Trakify works on anything with a browser. You can even integrate it with your prefered Twitter program.

Trakify is designed for a very busy you

Where ever you are, whatever you're doing, Trakify will bring your alerts and reports directly to you the way you want them.

What are you waiting for?

Trakify is free and completely risk free.

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Trakify is a free service to use.

Trakify is so easy to use, you'll be amazed.

Trakify organizes things the same way you do, logically. We do not ask for access to your brokerage accounts, therefore to begin you simply add the accounts you want to organize your investments in. Securities, such as stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs can be added to those accounts for tracking and reporting. The moment you add your first transaction, Trakify's QuickGlance gets straight to work for you with simple yet informative reporting.



Trakify works with all devices

Trakify's website is mobile-ready and email reporting is responsive for your smartphone. Alerts are delivered to your browser, your cell phone (via SMS), Twitter Direct Messages, and Email. Later this fall, we'll be adding Facebook Messenger.


Reporting has never been easier

Trakify's QuickGlance reports are simple. Trakify emails your entire report at frequencies you choose and each report includes your entire QuickGlance portfolio including after hours pricing (if applicable). They are great to receive first thing in the morning just before the market opens.



Trakify is serious about your privacy.

Trakify cares about your online privacy. We go out of our way to make sure your investment information is safe from advertisers, marketers, and third parties. Your ensure privacy comes at a cost though, we cannot log into your Fidelity or eTrade account to download the securities you own. In return, Trakify promises to never share your personal information (including your personal performances of your investment securities) with any third party organizations - including advertisers.

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QuickGlance© Dashboard

QuickGlance© gives you a single screen with every broker account and its latest performance for you in one page. It calculates gains and losses for every transaction tracked on your account and presents you with a "most recent" look at your performance portfolio wide.

Watch Live

While looking at a specific broker, Trakify will take the liberty of refreshing the prices for your automatically every now and then so you don't need to keep pressing refresh. It's kind of nice when the computer works for you, why not let Trakify become one of your personal assistants.


Trakify is programmed to enable quick navigating using nothing but your keyboard. d <enter> on any page will immediately take your to the QuickGlance© Dashboard. Almost every part of Trakify's web application has keyboard shortcuts so you don't need to use your mouse or trackpad. To see the available shortcuts, press ? on any page inside your account.

Trakify can change the way you understand your investments

For over 10 years I was managing an Excel® spreadsheet and googling the prices for every mutual, ETF, and fixed income security that I owned to double-check that my wealth advisor was actually making the right decisions for my account. Trakify was easy to set up and get everything added, from then on they send me an email once at 9AM and again at 9PM with a complete snapshot of my Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, and JPMC accounts.
Jurek Alvarez
Cisco Systems
I was out of town for the weekend and wasn't available to talk on the phone. When I came back on Thursday my financial planner called me to say I lost over 45% of my portfolio over the course of 2 trading days. Shit. I wish I'd had Trakfiy then so that when my portfolio declined more than 10%, I'd be notified immediately over SMS. There's no changing the past, but I am definitely using Trakify from here on out - it's not worth the risk!
Wayne Jones
American Airlines

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