Trakify is designed to help you understand your portfolio

It has two major functionalities: Reporting and Alerting.

Trakify Market Alerts

Unlimited Alerts

With your Trakify membership, you can create an unlimited amount of alerts that are able to get triggered. An alert is triggered when the special conditions regarding the security are met that you specify. We organize all alerts by the securities you own and the ones you don't own.


Grouped messages to declutter your life

If two or more securities get triggered at the same time, Trakify will group the alerts together and deliver them to the platform of your choice as one single message, such as: Trakify: AAPL +5.2% at $129.54, TWTR +1.2% at $36.28, and NFLX +11.29% at $111.33. Learn more at


We deliver alerts to multiple platforms

By default, Trakify delivers alerts right in your web browser the moment they get triggered. You can enable additional devices to receive your alerts that get triggered, and we'll send your Market Alerts to all of them. Market Alerts include delivery to, your cell phone (via SMS), Twitter Direct Messages, and Email. Coming Fall 2015, we'll be adding Facebook messenger.


QuickGlance Reporting

Detailed Reporting

QuickGlance reports are a simple way to get a quick glance of everything you own and track within Trakify. We'll deliver your full report to your email on a recurring schedule that you choose.

All brokers in one place

QuickGlance reports include every broker you track within Trakify. The report shows you the performance of the particular broker as well as the performance of your entire portfolio.

Securities are reported too

Securities are tallied up and reported under the appropriate broker they belong to. For every security, the report includes the latest price, the quantity you own, the value of your individual investment, and the after-market "asking" price if your report is delivered after hours.

Frequent or Infrequent - Reports Help You

Trakify reports are invaluable. You can choose to receive them daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly. Each report is packed with useful information that helps you understand your portfolio better than ever. Your reports can be delivered to your email and viewed without being logged into your Trakify account.

Enter The Market Prepared

Enabling your 9AM morning summary reports will give you a strategic advantage to understanding your entire portfolio for the new day. Just before the market opens, your Trakify QuickGlance© report will show you exactly where you stand giving you the opportunity to decide if you want to start the day with a put or a sell.

QuickGlance works for 401Ks

QuickGlance is an invaluable tool that will change the way you plan for your future and retirement. You no longer need to rely on a financial advsior to send you reports of your 401K, Trakify will. Best of all, Trakify is not comission based so it doesn't matter if your portfolio is $1,000 or $100 Million dollars, it's free!

Trakify is ready to start working for you...

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