Trakify is completely free to use

Other services claim to offer what Trakify does, but Trakify is unique.

Market Alerts via SMS (US-Only + $0.10/ea)
Market Alerts to Browser
Market Alerts to Twitter (via Direct Message)
Track Securities by Investment Company
QuickGlance© Reporting (Web+Email)
Works On All Devices
Trading App
No SMS Alerts
No Browser Support
No Twitter Integration
Must Use Robinhood
No Reporting
iOS Only
200 per month
No Browser Alerts
No Twitter Integration
No Organization
Must Be Logged In
Desktop Only
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* SMS alerts are sold in bundles of 50 alerts at a time for $5.00. Alerts do not expire and are consumable virtual products with no monetary value. No refunds or exchanges can be given for purchased/unused credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a card to signup?

No! Signing up for an account only requires an email address (that you own) and a password (please don't use 123456).

Can I cancel at anytime?

Cancelling is irrelevant since we is a free service to use.

Do I need to provide my cell phone number?

Your cell phone number is not required at sign up, but it is required to receive SMS alerts. Once inside your Trakify account, click on your "Profile" and select "Market Alerts" to specify your cell phone number. In order to receive alerts to your cell phone, you will need to purchase credits at $5/50-Alerts ($0.10/ea)

Do you store my credit card information?

Trakify does not store your credit card information. All card information is handled by, a PCI-DSS Level 1 Security Complaint payment processor.

How do I receive alerts on my phone?

Once your cell phone has been added to your Trakify profile, you can start receiving alerts on your phone by creating a triggerable alert inside your Trakify account. Click on 'Alerts' and use the green form to set up a new alert.

Can I change my payment method once I sign up?

If you choose to purchase SMS Alert credits, you specify your payment method every time as we never store your credit card information.

Why Trakify?

The name? Well Trakify is a hybrid between track and notify - which it does both beautifully.

Can I temporarily disable SMS alerts if I go out of country?

Yes, vacation mode allows you to temporarily disable SMS alerts. Tell us when your vacation ends and we'll automatically start sending your any triggered alerts the moment you get back home.

Why did you create Trakify?

Mike, our CEO is always stuck in meetings - every day - for hours on end. He didn't have the time to be in front of his computer screen watching his investments to see if they gained 5% or lost 8% - so he needed something that would do the heavy lifting for him. It's easy to excuse yourself from a meeting claiming bathroom distress, it's hard to just not show up at the meeting all together. Trakify enabled Mike to focus on his meetings and feel confident at the same time that his portfolio wasn't hitting the fan. If something happened, he was informed on his Apple Watch - almost entirely undetected.